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What is light Novel

As you know, there are several different forms of the book such as novel, manga, picture book, etc., and light novel is same as others. It just one form of book. It is a style of Japanese novel targeting high-school and middle-school students, in other word; teens and young adults. Unlike novels, light novels are usually shorter and they contain few illustration, usually in anime or manga style. In addition, they are usually easier to to read, because the text contains much simper and easier to read mordern kanji. Like manga, light novels have served as a basis for anime, too! The word "light novel" is a Japanese term formed words in the English language. It is a wasei-eigo(literally trasnlated "japanese-made English"). In Japan, people often say light novel as ranobe as an abbreivation.

Light novels are very popular in Japan as you can see in Japanese bookstores. And there are so many of them!!!!

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Genres of Light Novel

Obiously, light novels have different genres just like how other novels, anime or game has genre.


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